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Pride Recap Part 4 - Saturday Day Pictures

Some Saturday day pics for you. I definitely skipped around during the parade part...lots more politicians, kids, and drag queens. I just posted my favorites. There are also to sneak peak pics of the drag idol shots. Everything clicks bigger.

Happy Gay Day! Flags a-plenty

Getz & Chels waiting for something to do.

MG and the tent guy talking logisitcs.

How many queers does it take... decorate a bandshell?

Parade line up time.

Getz in action.

Connie also in action.

Crazy baton-twirling, whistle-blowing cowboy...the parade has begun.

Iconic Sambatucada shot.

Some politician, I think.

Samara foundation.

Youth group.

Rainbow family...there was a hot, older dyke driving this truck. Yummy. There aren't any good pics, though.


Marriage people.

The House of Lemay float.

Rear of the same-- a "water skiing" sailor with a t-shirt that says "veto douglas in 06"

Safespace hot is Clarke?


geekyjakob looking badass as always.

This guy wants to be governor next year. I'm voting for him.

Look at his float-- there are people on bicycles underneath it powering it.

More political folks.

Drag queens, gay men, and bubbles-- what more could you ask for?

Straggler end of the the ex girlfriend.

Parade emptying out into the park.

Weird Connie/Getz reflection.

John Martin on the sound board.

All the darg queens were walking around with parasols...


Peace and Justice table.

Lemay sisters with Scudder's train.

Miss Bunny Wonderland.

Mistress Ita on the grill.

Getz's ulterior motives here.

Miss Kayla rockin' it.

Rando audience shot.

Cute, mousy translator.

Precious fainting away from having felt the spirit of pride.

Auntie Chichi.

Pre-performance Rahne.

The infamous Craig Mitchell.

Getz frisbee-ing. Er. The lack of ulterior motives continues.

Cute hula hooper.

Rahne on of my favorite parts was, "Wow, it was so great to hear your gubernatorial candidate say transgender. Although what I'm waiting to hear is Ah-nold say 'Ve need rightz for ze trahnz-gendahs.' Oh wait, that's not going to happen."

Sneak peak of the evening drag king.

Hot drag king part 2. Pussy control...meow.


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